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March Mean Madness

March 2, 2018


It’s March, Get Mean!

This March, we want to see you put your best foot forward and continue blazing your fitness trail.

We’ve got some exciting new programming for our Mean classes coming up this month that will continue to shred away the excess & build a toned athletic physique.

Meanwhile, take advantage of our special March Mean Madness offer:

RM199 for 8 Mean HIIT class credits* this March!

March Update:
Your workout experience & safety at HIIT2fit remains our top priority. To ensure these parameters continue to serve you in your best interest, please take note that our Mean HIIT classes will now be limited to 10 pax per class.

This will improve the student to instructor ratio (10:1) so that you can be assured of proper supervision of the workout movements to prevent injury & ultimately reap the results of your time and commitment. Please book early to avoid disappointment. Let’s #GetHIITOn!


  • Valid for Mean classes only. 
  • No sharing package allowed.
  • Complimentary rental of Heart Rate Monitors included. 
  • Expires on 31st March 2018.
  • Non-transferable or exchangeable for future class credits.


Ever wondered what makes our Mean HIIT circuit training classes #TheBestHIITWorkout for you?

The 4 Pillars of Mean HIIT

  1. Cardiovascular interval training – Train the most important in your body, your HEART! Treadmill running with 3 intensities of training that will keep your cardiovascular system in tip top shape (Base, Tempo, Full Gas).
  2. Strength training for outside muscles – dumbbells & medicine balls form the free weights and body weight training portion which are the most efficient way to fire all three types of muscle fibers to create and maintain lean muscle.
  3. Strengthening inside muscles – TRX straps helps strengthen your inside muscles. You may not see these muscles in the mirror, but they’re literally the foundation of your body.
  4. Power training – water rowing offers non-impact, full-body strength and power. It increases dynamic range of motion by using one integrated motion of legs, core, and arms.

Total Tone 2018

December 22, 2017

Total Tone March 2018

The ultimate immersive mix of HIIT, strength and cardio conditioning that will make 2018 your fittest year yet!

Total Tone 2018 is HIIT2fit’s 6-week project initiative aimed to empower you with the correct knowledge and approach towards health & fitness that you will carry on for the rest of your life. We believe that fitness is holistic and needs to be sustainable for long lasting success.

Under the Total Tone 2018 program, you will benefit from adopting correct fitness habits, personalised workouts, nutritional guidance and the support from all our instructors and a great community of like-minded peers to help you.

Schedule your FREE Consultation with us! Call 012-9877224 or Email

Training Ethos

“Are you HIIT-ing the right zone?”

The science behind a HIIT2fit workout involves heart rate monitored workouts that is designed to keep heart rates in target zones to build lean muscle, improve aerobic fitness and kickstart metabolism. This is the only way to accurately track intensity and progress over time. Remember, if you’re not tracking it, you can’t improve it. 

“Not All HIIT Is Created Equal”

Each HIIT2fit workout incorporates endurance, strength and power elements through a variety of equipment including spin bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, TRX® suspension training, resistance bands and free weights to develop a “HIIT Body”.

Project Benefits:

  • Fitness goal consultation
  • Initial workout assessment
  • HIIT Tutorial – How to HIIT the right way (Lean & Mean)
  • 2 x “1-On-1” Personal Training sessions (by appointment)
  • Personalised Total Tone workout program
  • Exclusive access to Total Tone specific classes (60 mins)
  • Exclusive discounts for nutrition (Amazin’ Graze, Heal Protein, Mule Bar)

Price: RM1,200 for 45 class credits and all of the above benefits!

Dates: Start Anytime!

Upgrade to the “Full Gas” Package:

For those that want the best results with unlimited classes plus 1 personal training session per week at HIIT2fit for 6 weeks, get everything detailed above plus:

  • UNLIMITED group class training
  • 6 x 1-on-1 personal training sessions (by appointment)
  • Spaces are limited

Price: RM2,000

Schedule your FREE Consultation with us!

Call 012-9877224 or Email


Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 3.55.29 AM

Total Tone Highlights


Fitness assessment at Week 1, Week 3 and Week 6 of the program will show you exactly how much fitter and stronger you’re getting. It’s not just numbers on the scale (although we do track these numbers i.e. body fat %, muscle mass, etc.) but your overall fitness gains in speed, endurance and strength.


At Week 1 & Week 3, you will have a private personal training session with your instructor to work on your technique, discuss your personalised workout program or talk nutrition to ensure that you reap the maximum benefits from your time and commitment.

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 3.54.55 AM


(Q) Is this suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! In our last couple Total Tone intakes, we saw great progress and results from beginners. Through the support and consultation from our instructors, this program designed to help you kick-start or elevate your health and fitness journey, and more importantly, stick to it after the program ends.

As with any HIIT2fit workout, all classes are designed to suit all levels of fitness through the use of heart rate tracking technology where workouts are tailored to your OWN fitness level.

(Q) I’m ready to HIIT! Can I start now?

Yes! If you sign up for Total Tone March 2018 we can add on class credits for you at RM25 per class.

(Q) I will be travelling for some of the Total Tone 2018 program period. Should I still join?

There’s a lot of knowledge and value that can be gained in the program beyond the classes and workouts, so even if you miss a few days, it may still be worth it. We’ll give you a traveling program to do while you’re away so you can stay on track.

If you’re still not sure and would like to go through how best to benefit from the Total Tone 2018 program, feel free to contact us via phone, email or just drop by the studio to have a chat with one of our friendly instructors.




Starting Saturday, 7th January 2017, this 8-week training program is targeting the Powerman Asia Duathlon that takes place in Putrajaya on March 4-5th 2017. The core of the program are the HIIT classes conducted at HIIT2fit and will be supplemented with endurance sessions as prescribed in the program. This combination targets both Power, Speed, Aerobic/Anaerobic and Endurance.

This unique collaboration between experienced endurance coaches/athletes and the world class facilities at HIIT2fit offers a structured training plan and environment in combination with the added bonus of HIIT-workouts. Each of your sessions at HIIT2fit will be conducted privately to ensure maximum attention from the instructors and tailor-made programming to ensure that you will be race ready!

Program Details:

  1. HIIT2fit Training Days: Monday (7:30pm), Thursday (7:30pm) and Saturday (8am)
  2. Self-supplemented training: 3 days/week (outdoor running and cycling)
  3. Max Capacity: 16pax
  4. Price: RM360/month or RM700 upfront. (free for Founding Members)
  5. How to enroll: E-mail or call 012-9877 224 to book your spot!
  6. Closing date for entries: 2 January 2017 or once capacity is filled.

Exclusive Coaching Partner: TJ Ironman Coaching

14440618_1100799153302688_6492146126611944763_n    13935053_1066811140034823_725045698500638138_n

TJ triathlon offers coaching at different levels that suits your background and ambitions. We are two certified coaches from Ironman University, both with multiple finishes from Ironman and Ironman 70.3 races in Asia, Europe and Australia. We are on a journey ourselves to become better triathletes and we are eager to share what we learn. Our Coaching is customised to fit different levels and needs. The workouts, the coaching and ways of communication are tailored to fit each persons needs and ambition. We offer coaching for triathletes and runners. Both for specific triathlon races or running events and for more long term triathlon and running training.

For more info: ( )


We are hiring!

July 30, 2016

H2F_Hiring Now

You’ve probably read about it in magazines, seen it on social media and maybe even done a HIIT workout. Beyond just being a trendy term for a workout, High Intensity Interval Training otherwise known as “HIIT” is more than meets the eye. So here’s a snapshot of what HIIT is all about so you can get the most out of your next workout or start incorporating some HIIT elements in your fitness routine.

HIIT, Rest, Repeat

In summary, high intensity interval training focuses on working at a high intensity effort for short time intervals to shoot your heart rate up. Each high intensity interval is followed by brief periods of active recovery before jumping back into a high intensity effort. Working your heart rate up and then allowing it to decrease for shorts periods of time has been shown to be an extremely efficient way to maximise calorie burn.

Besides calorie burn, elite athletes across various sporting disciplines have been incorporating HIIT elements in their training program for quite some time as it is the most efficient training method to increase endurance, strength and overall conditioning. Yes, this includes track & field sprinters, footballers, triathletes and even marathon runners!

If You’re Not Tracking, You’re Slacking

The best way to maximise your time and effort in a HIIT workout is through heart rate zone training. The most accurate way to know whether you have been pushing and resting at the correct intensities and find out how much calories you have burned in a workout is through the use of a heart rate monitor, which is typically worn via a chest strap.  By utilising a heart rate monitor, you will be able to calculate your personalised levels of exertion during hard and easy efforts; thus making the HIIT workout tailor made to your own fitness level.

Heart rate tracking also allows you to maximise excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), also known as afterburn, which means that you will continue to burn calories for up to 24 hours after the class! This is achieved by maintaining your heart rate at 80% – 90% of your maximum heart rate over a combined period of time in a specific workout.

H2F_J0131_FB_post_square_v6Why HIIT2fit?

The name of the game at HIIT2fit is that each workout will have you alternating between cardio and strength intervals whether on the bike or on the studio floor that will spike your metabolism, boost your energy, maximise your afterburn and increase your fitness.

At HIIT2fit, our fitness philosophy is to create innovative workout routines set against real time heart rate monitoring so that each workout is as impactful as it is enjoyable. Giving you the best workout for your time and money while connecting with the rest of your HIIT Tribe.


Common Cardio Mistakes

July 21, 2016
Wonder why you aren’t losing weight or running as fast as you used to? Not all cardio is created equal.
Here’s how to make sure you get the most out of your next cardio session whether you’re out running or crushing your next spin class.

People running in machine treadmill at fitness gym club


“I just can’t lose any weight.” or “I think I have reached a plateau”

A common line that many people let out in frustration as they chug along on their gym treadmills staring at the timer wishing there is only a minute left to go in their run. Sometimes the problem is not that we are not putting in enough effort but rather our approach towards cardio training isn’t the best way to get the results that we want.

Mix it up

Your body works in amazing ways. The more you do something, the better it becomes at it. This means that if you keep doing the same type of exercises, your improvements will plateau as body learns and reacts to complete your workout in as little effort as possible. Efficiency!

One of the biggest problems of steady state cardio exercises is that the improvements in fat loss and speed are very noticeable… but only in the beginning. As your body adapts to the workout, the calorie burn benefit is limited. This is why weight training is often viewed as “better” than cardio for weight loss. After each weight training session, your body undergoes a healing process to repair the micro-tears from your workout. That healing process will require more energy and is why you will continue to burn calories after you leave the gym.

While a little variety in your workout might not seem like much, a well designed workout which incorporates cardio (sprints mixed with steady efforts) and strength training elements will be the most efficient way to burn fat and build a stronger body.


One of the most important variables in any form of exercise or sport is – intensity. Most people find a level of intensity that they are comfortable with to begin their workout and usually rarely deviate too far from it for the entire workout. While this approach is great to build endurance, the benefits of fat loss and increasing speed are limited. It is also good to keep in mind that there is only so much endurance you can build. Going long all the time will not necessarily result in huge improvements in endurance but may lead to poor form and eventually injuries as your body finds ways to compensate the cumulative fatigue of the workload. This is why elite marathoners incorporate several speed interval sessions a week since they know they have reached their endurance capacity and instead need to focus on training to run fast.

In your next workout, try playing with the intensity of your workouts by mixing high intensity efforts along with some low intensity or active recovery intervals. A workout program that is designed that way will jumpstart your metabolism as your body needs to replenish it’s energy by converting lactic acid that’s produced during sprinting into glucose and restore your blood hormone levels after an intense workout. The results? Faster fat loss and improvements in the intensity level that your body is capable of exercising at a.k.a. more speed!

Try various forms of cardio

Just as how cardio at different intensities affect our bodies differently, different forms of cardio exercise engage different energy systems in our body. For example, cycling (at preferably high intensities) has been shown to be better for building strength and fat loss while rowing is the most VO2Max demanding workout. This is not to say that running is “bad” but rather that our bodies can benefit from doing other forms of cardio besides just weight training.

Ultimately, our bodies respond to stimulus and we need to constantly challenge ourselves to increase the intensity or try out a new form of workout to continue improving.


1) Sore is addictive

That’s when you know you had a killer workout.


2) Love what you do

Fun & results guaranteed. Just show up. #HIIT2fit


3) Keep it simple

Don’t forget to rinse!


4) The journey is the destination

We only live once. #MakeHIITCount


5) We are our own worst enemy

Be stronger than any excuse.


6) The Greatest of All Time


7) Truer words have never been spoken


8) A favourite from cycling legend, Jens Voigt

When all else fails. “Shut Up Legs!”