Should Women Be Lifting Weights? (Pt. 1)


Although strength training has started to be more accepted among females, there still seems to be a constant misinformation on women & lifting weights. Hopefully after reading this it will become clear that there should be nothing to fear at all!

“I Don’t Want to be Bulky”

It’s a myth that if you lift weights, you will get bulky. Ladies, you will not get big. Unless you have a specific goal in regards to putting on size, (targeted training, supplements and genetics) then you could spend years lifting heavy and the only thing that will happen is that you’ll get stronger… not bigger. You will need to be lifting tens of kilos to actually gain any size. For the vast majority, women simply do not have the hormones required to bulk up.

Weights and strength training will actually help you lose weight faster and will shape/change your body as you’ve intended to do. #fitspo 💃

For females, bone density becomes an increasingly important health goal as you age. Lifting weights not only help increase bone density, but also strengthen ligaments and tendons to keep you injury free and promote better sleep.

HIIT Tip: Simply moving more weight doesn’t mean that your target muscles are doing more work. Placing emphasis in Mind-Muscle Connection will help you see results faster. The more you can improve this communication, the more muscle fibers you will recruit, resulting in a better quality workout. How? Pause, Think, Isolate. Listen out to your HIIT2fit Instructor cues of the target muscle groups of each exercise, visualize the movement and try to isolate that muscle by “squeezing” it when performing the exercise.

“Help me get rid of my flabby arms”

For most females, the upper body is a weakness. You should approach each upper body workout with the enthusiasm that soon, you will make it your strength. You won’t get bigger arms, your back won’t pop out of your shirt… again you’ll just get stronger, shape your arms and look better in that sleeveless top.

HIIT Tip: Triceps form the largest group of muscles in your arms and are often neglected in workouts. The best way to cut the “jiggle” is to provide your triceps with sufficient load aka weights to stress the muscle. Only through stress does the muscle change and grow. Simply going through the motions with High Rep, Low Weight will yield little to no benefit because the muscle is not being stressed enough and therefore has no reason to adapt and change its current condition.

Ready to give strength training another go?

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